This will be very successful! Quality product and new markets.

Ewan McAsh, Australia

Good move towards diversification of agriculture farming by commercialisation of grass farming in the Globalisation. I wish big success for all time to come.

K.S. Grewal, Senior Manager, OBC, Raikot

Very Innovative, Thank You!

Natasha King, Christchurch, New Zealand

You have been so welcoming- we will remember our visit!

Jodie Redcliffe, Wamuran, Queensland, Australia

Great Product, peaceful setting. Thank You!

Sophie Stanley, Taupo, New Zealand

Mr. Dhaliwal has developed a grass farming system. Exampled for the other farmers to divert area from traditional crops to recent crops.

Dr. T.S. Riar, Assoc. Prof., Extn. Edu., Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana

Grass farming is a good diversified business. The plants and grass is beautiful. I wish great success and prosperity.

Ritu Gupta, Asst. Prof., DEE, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana

This is successful business, there are beautiful grass and plants.

Vattandeep Singh Grewal, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Very good quality of grass and plants. New innovation in grass varieties. I wish great success and prosperity.

K.S. Sandhu, Senior Manager, O.B.C., Mansuran

Great innovative farming business.

Robin Schaefer, Loxton South Australia